Original Style

Mina Buenos Aires footwear are undisputed and prestigious flagship Italian craftsmanship, the expression of the research and the style of the real "Made in Italy" that represents a real pride for those who have been seeking quality for years.

Guarantee of what it is built with "his own hands" and makes its products certified and certifiable in their originality. The shoes are made taking care of every little detail, nothing is left to chance and the workmanship brings the product to a "tailor-made" effect.

Mina Creative Head

History, Culture and Design are the 3 ingredients that combined give life to the style, the shape and the sophistication of our shoes ... The essence, the feeling, the passion, the class, the journey that tells the sense of things ... because all things make sense and when viewed in a profound way, some get into the soul.

Design Profile

I call myself Mina, because it means "girl", in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is the hometown of my grandmother, who was a tango dancer and teacher: I look exactly like her, and she's taught me nearly everything I know. I am Italian, but Argentina and tango were the first sounds of my life. They have inspired the creation of my shoes collection. Shoes for feet whose steps are sensual and quick. Shoes for those who dance through life.

I have been travelling since I was a child, and I lived in Paris, Barcelona and London, but only in Italy I have found the right answers to the sounds I have in my heart and in my mind.

It was my father's father who taught me how to make shoes. He is a fine craftsman who knows the best leather and secrets to create the perfect shoes. His moves are unwavering, free from hesitations, and full of emotions, just like the moves of tango. I have married tango to this exquisite Italian tradition from Emilia, the precious art of shoe making. This is my story, this is all I am, this my idea of shoes: it's an emotion created from work and dreams. If you want a dream to live and flourish, you need to take care of it, in every single detail.

My shoes are handmade-dreams.