Mina creative head

History, Culture and Design are the 3 ingredients that combined give life to the style, the shape and the sophistication of our shoes ... The essence, the feeling, the passion, the class, the journey that tells the sense of things ... because all things make sense and when viewed in a profound way, some get into the soul.


Over 40 years on the market


The culture of fashion

Fashion and Design

Made in Italy. Always

High Italian quality

The extreme care in the construction and the strict selection of the materials used, all natural and of first quality, make the footwear of Mina Buenos Aires unique and inimitable

MINA is built entirely within our shoe factory where all the details, the phases of style and workmanship are constantly checked and verified by experts.

All this to give lightness, style and comfort to our shoes, certain to make happy to wear a luxury product made in Italy.

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